Cesaley Sparks Senior Pretty Towne Lake Park Rain Bonham High School Cesaley’s Towne Lake Senior Pictures (In The Rain)

We met up with Cesaley just outside of McKinney at Towne Lake Park, with camera equipment in one hand, and umbrellas in the other. Stacia kept asking to see my iPhone so she could check the weather radar and sure enough, a storm was headed straight for us! We stayed back in the forest, to keep as much of the weather off of us as we could, but for the most part it missed us.

Cesaley was great fun and a riot to shoot! The images turned out awesome! We hope you have fun...

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Martha And Josh White Rock Lake Engagement Amazing White Rock Lake Engagement with Martha and Josh

Stacia and I met up with Martha and Josh this weekend to take a few engagement photographs. We started out at the dog park on White Rock Lake of all places. My bad, I just saw a parking lot from space on Google Maps and thought, that’ll work! I had no idea how much barking and yipping there would be. Turns out it’s an excellent place to shoot, and you can borrow cute dogs too, if you are so inclined.

Fun was had by all, and we were really lucky with the weather being perfect, and what a gorgeous sunset! We tootled around the lake a bit and found a great little dock to watch the sun hide behind the earth yet another time… was, well…

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Hannah Gentry Senior Temple Christian Academy Awesome Lewisville Awesome Lewisville Senior Portrait Session with Hannah

Hannah will be graduating from Temple Christian Academy in may 2010, and is about to leave on her mission trip to Africa. She had just received all of the shots necessary to prepare her for the trip when we met up with her, but you can’t tell that from her perfect smile! We took half of the shots in the park near The Shops at Legacy in Plano, TX and the other half in old downtown Lewisville, Texas. My favorite spot that day was a little garage parking lot with a bunch of tires, rusty wheels and car parts laying around. We had a great time, and except for the wind, it was a perfect day for shooting!

Thanks Hannah for being one of the best seniors we have ever photographed, you were a ton of fun to hang out with! Good luck on your mission trip, be sure to take...

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Jake B Senior Frisco Commons Park Great Football Player Football Player Senior Portraits with Lake Dallas' Jake

We met up with Jake and family at The Frisco Commons Park to shoot a few senior portraits. Jake, a Lake Dallas senior, kicked the family to the curb (nicely) while we took off shooting. What a great guy, one of the best we have ever photographed. He could hold that smile grin for days, I swear. Quite impressive, I must say. It was great fun had by all. Jake has much in common with another Dallas football player we all know (and love), Jason Witten (82), being a tight end, and a good one, check out this reception and the yards after catch too!!! WOW!

Congratulations Jake...

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North Texas Irish Festival Entertaining North Texas Irish Festival 2010

Some of our closest friends invited us to The North Texas Irish Festival this past weekend. We had never been before, so we thought we’d grab the new camera and see if we could make an evening out of it. We drove down from Frisco, and met up with them half way then had a great time and captured some very interesting images. It was a nice change from the typical wedding or senior photography shoot. You don’t usually get to have quite as many pints of Guinness or bowls of Irish stew when shooting a wedding, although we rarely turn down an on-the-job pint. :)

Well, before I get into too much trouble here, let’s take a look at the photos. There is one of the big Fair Park fountains, a really cute kid with a green mohawk and one of the musicians (Lucy McNeil) playing her bodhrán...

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Lacey Lemak Model Flash Photography Seminar Neil Van Niekerk Model Shoot with Lacey Lemak

These photographs are of Lacey Lemak, one of the models that graciously, and quite patiently let us shoot her all day at Neil van Niekerk's flash photography seminar. I had a great time learning from Neil, and...

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Catie Senior Kansas Outdoors Fun Shoot Senior Photos with Her Car Catie’s Senior Shoot

It was hard to get Catie to light up, at first. Then I figured out what to talk about with her, her car, she loves that little red hot rod. I noticed the back tires were a little low on tread, I wonder why that is… :) Catie’s senior shoot was a lot of fun, she had a great time being photographed, and it was fun to be outside of Frisco and Dallas for that matter for this one.

We had a great time with Catie, and the photographs are awesome...

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Jessica Kyle Engagement Kansas Army Groom It's Trampolines and Tanks for Jessica and Kyle’s Engagement Photos

Stacia grew up on the same street as Jessica, and their families are now so close that you can’t really tell they aren’t actually related. We are shooting Jessica and Kyle’s wedding in June and we’re really looking forward to it. So for their engagement Stacia and I flew up to Kansas, went back to their home town and shot a few in the old neighborhood. Kyle is Army bound, so it was nice of the park to let us use the tank for a few shots! :) I am only posting the rated PG pictures here, email me for the rated R versions, okay, PG-13! ;)

I think we will have to get a trampoline in all of our shoots from now on, that was hilarious.

Seriously, we really enjoyed rushing around trying to beat the sunset with you… thanks for letting us capture this special time in your life… I hope...

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Stephanie Strunk Kansas Senior Camo Amazing Tractor and Train Tracks at Stephanie’s Senior Photo Shoot

LStacia and I flew up to Kansas for this one, well, really for several shoots. Nothing like working on your birthday… Happy Birthday Stacia!!!

Stephanie was a natural, tons of fun, and willing to try all of the poses we could throw at her. She forgot her bow, and no I don’t mean hair-bow, I mean bow, as in, bow and arrow… next time I guess. Thanks for being such a trooper Stephanie, I hope you had as much fun as we did making these...

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Lisa Jake Engagement Session Old Fashioned Clean Couples Photography with Lisa and Jake at Dallas' West End

Lisa and Jake had been married for a year but never had the opportunity to have engagement photos taken. Of course they had their wedding photos, but they wanted something with an artistic twist that was more of who they were on a day to day basis. We met up with this lovely couple to capture the Dallas skyline at the West End. We chose to start this shoot a little later than normal in the evening. After all, their goal for this session was to walk away with “art” for their empty walls at home. Evening/night shoots are GREAT for capturing unique photographs, the beautiful sunset gives amazing backdrop opportunity and as it darkens, the Dallas skyline lights up, allowing for romantic and passionate images. At the end of the night, they walked away knowing they would have some spectacular pieces to hang up on those empty walls at home...

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Schad Family Portraits Dallas Arboretum Botanical Garden Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Patch Photography with The Schads

The pumpkin patch….wait, no, this is all about the Schad family. Well, mostly about Lauren! The Dallas Arboretum has a wonderful fall setting in October and we made good use of the scenery. Robert is a good friend and they were looking for some playful portraits of their precious little girl. We managed to snap a few family photos too! At first Lauren was a little shy and reluctant to let go of daddy. She came around eventually and we caught her wandering through the pumpkin patch and the floral gardens, she is absolutely adorable! This little beauty ran around, played and at one point you’ll notice she was determined to drench dad with a water feature. Tyler, Robert and now Lauren too are Arsenal “Gooner” fans. Lauren sure...

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Jennifer Nick Tie The Knot Glamorous Stonebriar Country Club Wedding with Jennifer and Nick

The nuptials of Jennifer and Nick occurred on October 10, 2009 at the Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, Texas. The setting was perfect…the ceremony took place overlooking the gorgeous golf greens and with various water features the views were stunning. On top of such an amazing scenery, a string duo added elegance to this classic and intimate wedding. These two were fun-loving, outgoing and all about enjoying their moment of a lifetime. It was a wedding where all who came celebrated this couple...

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Meredith Richard Tie The Knot Magnificent Annunciation Episcopal Church Wedding with Meredith and Richard

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! That is all I can say about this wedding. Meredith and Richard exchanged vows at the Annunciation Episcopal Church in Lewisville, Texas. This church was special to the couple, as Richard’s father was the Officiant and a beautiful garden on the grounds dedicated in loving memory of his mother. It was very easy to see how much love they have for one another. These are two of the most kindhearted and compassionate people, such an amazing duo. The marriage was sealed with a kiss...

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Stephanie Jason Fun Wedding Train Tracks Trendy Train Photography with Stephanie and Jason

This wedding will be one I never forget and here are just a few of the reasons why! Stephanie and Jason are absolutely hilarious people with the best attitudes I have ever seen on the “biggest” day of their lives. You know the saying with weddings that “not everything will go as planned” and you should be prepared to let those things roll off and enjoy the day anyway….well, this is exactly what Jason and Stephanie did. Tyler and I arrived at the South MacArthur Church of Christ in Irving, Texas at approximately 10:30 am, to begin photographing pre-wedding events. The ceremony was scheduled to start at 11:30 am. Our “photo” itinerary for the day, provided by the bride, states she will be at the church at 10:30 am to get ready...

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Meredith Bridal Shoot Sparkling nice Delaney Vineyards Bridal Session with Meredith

Stacia and I met Meredith and her Mom at Delaney Vineyards for a few bridal portraits. Things did not go exactly according to plan, to say the least. We had a dress alteration issue and we could not get inside the venue, no matter how loudly we knocked! Props to Meredith, for sucking it up and letting us shoot through the pain! We “fixed” the dress with some hardware we found laying around, and just waited out the venue proprietor (we knew she was there, her car was in the parking lot) and in the end...

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Meredith Richard Engagement Crazy Hot West End Dallas West End Engagement with Meredith and Richard’s

So we went to the West End with Meredith and Richard, had a few drinks and started shooting. Man it was crazy hot, but we powered through it and only had to stop once for water. I was drenched, but they looked great all the way through. We are really...

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Christina Cayden Caryss Family Portraits Beautiful Family Photography with Christina, Cayden and Caryss

Christina and offspring came to visit Stacia and I this weekend. We had a great time. We had to use this opportunity to take a few family pictures. We didn’t go far, just the backyard, the kids didn’t want to be too far away from “Rock Band”, which I am sure was the...

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Gail Richard Wedding Day Fantastic Evening Garland Country Club Wedding with Gail and Richard

In July of 2009, we had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Gail and Richard. We arrived at the church early to capture the wedding party getting ready and to take some of the more traditional posed pictures of the guys and then the girls prior to the ceremony itself. Following an old tradition, this couple did not want to see each other until the ceremony. I always love to see the groom’s expression when he sees his bride for the first time; it’s such an emotional moment. They proclaimed their love for one another by exchanging vows at the United Methodist Church of Garland. It was a beautiful ceremony, and afterwards everyone headed to the reception, which was held at the Eastern Hills Country Club of Garland...

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Tara Ryan Big Day Amazing Couple Marine Ryan asked and Tara Said Yes

Stacia and I had a great time being part of Tara and Ryan’s big day. They are an amazing couple and so much fun to be around. Thanks again guys for having us, and a BIG thank you to Ryan for your service...

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Karen Rob Tulsa Wedding Happy Weekend Tulsa Wedding for Good Friends Karen and Rob

Stacia and I were invited to Tulsa this weekend to take part in and shoot Karen and Rob’s wedding weekend. We had a blast, and I am so glad I got to be part of it. Congrats guys...

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