Sophia Lee is an international elite gymnast from the world renowned World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA) in Plano, TX. If you were to do an Internet search on her name, you would find her on websites like this one alongside quite a few household names in gymnastics, names like Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin.

This recent Spring Creek Academy graduate is very talented! She trains at WOGA in Plano and has been an elite gymnast for 4 years. Check out these videos of Sophia performing her floor routine at the 2012 Texas Level 9/10 State Meet... and this bar routine as well, amazing!

Sophia and her mother wanted to have Sophia’s portraits made at The Dallas Arboretum, so after her hair and makeup were artfully applied by the our very own Whitney Stiles we hit the road. We had limited time at the Dallas Arboretum but we managed to get some beautiful portraits before they closed.

Afterward, in our studio, Sophia put on her leotard (she called it a “leo”) and brought out all her competition medals. This took several trips to the car, and she only brought the “big ones” as she called them. She was pretty casual about them, but we were amazed at how many she had earned, we were in the presence of greatness!

Sophia is headed to Stanford University this Fall on a full ride gymnastics scholarship, we wish her all the best at school and in her gymnastics career!

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Megan Smith

Senior Megan rocks on her guitar

"Tyler and Stacia were awesome and even if I was awkward at first, they helped me get out of my bubble. The pictures were amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. They were really easy going, too. Thank you guys :]" - Megan Smith

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Travis Kassab

Travis Kassab looks handsome in his senior portraits

"As a typical senior guy I was completely indifferent about senior pictures at first. I had my mom do all of the research, and luckily she came upon Tyler and Stacia. While driving to the shooting location, I remember wondering what to expect. All anxiety melted away right after meeting Tyler. The whole photo shoot was extremely professional with an easy-going, personable twist. I felt reassured that my pictures would come out great, but relaxed enough to take some good shots. If I could do it all again, it would still be Tyler and Stacia all the way!" - Travis Kassab

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