You don’t have to be a size zero or look like a runway model to be accepted as a Tyler R. Brown Photography Model Rep. We base our decision on your personality, activities and eagerness to be in the program. We are looking for models that truly appreciate our work and can see the Tyler R. Brown Photography difference.

Find out more about the senior model rep program and apply now! Remember, only a limited number of senior rep applicants are accepted from each school, so sign up today!



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What is the best thing about being YOU?  

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Why Choose Us?

The Art

You are special, and your senior portraits should be special too, right? Well, at Tyler R. Brown Photography we make sure that your portraits are not just pictures, we turn them into art.

The Experience

Not only do we have over 10 years of experience making high school seniors look their best, but we also offer an incredible experience for your senior portraits.

The Raves

If you don't want to just take our word for it, we don't blame you. Have a look at what some of our past seniors have had to say about their experience with us.

The Team

Learn more about our small, tight-knit team artistic professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience. We have a perfect mix of people to make your senior's photographs the most incredible money can buy.