"People tell me that all of the time! I think it’s the dark hair.” Senior Model Rep, Samantha Bradley, just laughed when our team told her she reminded them of the Disney princess, Snow White. And although she’s probably heard it over and over again until her ears were bleeding, this stunning beauty was nothing but kind about it – even telling our team that she was thinking about being Snow White for Halloween.

A senior this year at Heritage High School, Samantha was the last senior to join our elite model team this year. Like many of the other seniors on our team, Samantha is a busy person. Outside of school, Samantha nannies for a great family just around the corner from the studio! She’s also great friends with Senior Model Rep, Carly Garrett, who we know you recognize from all of the shoots we’ve had her in this year.

A Little Bit About Samantha

School/Class: Heritage High School - 2016

What colleges are you interested in?

Not sure yet. Alabama, Arkansas, Texas Tech!

What would you like to major in?

Fashion/interior design/Business

What are your favorite clothing stores?

Nordstrom, Francesca's

What type of music do you listen to?


Do you have any favorite sports teams?

FSU, Miami Dolphins (my dads teams)

What is your favorite hang out spot?

Wherever my friends are!



Gabby Klosterman

Gabby rocked her session!

“I really loved the experience that I've had this year. It truly brought up my confidence! I wouldn't recommend any other place. The people are amazing and I will definitely miss each and everyone I've met over the year through this opportunity!!”

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Hannah Mabile

Hannah looks so cute sitting on the train tracks in Frisco Square.

"Big thanks to Tyler Brown and his team! My experience working with them has been awesome! I've never really been a photogenic type of person but with Tyler and Heather I was able to loosen up and have a blast! They were very easy to work with and when I had ideas they were able to work with them and make them 10 times better! I never expected to have as many compliments on all my senior pictures as I have gotten! My pictures came out great and the products are amazing! So basically with out a doubt in my mind I would recommend Tyler R. Brown Photography 100%!" - Hannah Mabile

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