It was raining models at our first 2015 Model Rep Party this summer! Okay, maybe not raining models, but it was raining! We celebrated one of the last weekends of summer with many of our amazing Model Reps and their friends.

As our models and their friends, arrived at the studio, we handed each of them a card with their name on one side and a number on the other. This was the first of several games and a great ice breaker. They were given 15 minutes to chat with one another, with their name visible. After 15 minutes, everyone flipped their cards over, number now visible, tasked with remembering everyone’s name. Whoever remembered the most names won a gift card. Boy did we underestimate the memories of our models (or the power of a Starbucks gift card). We had over half of our party goers get every single name right – that’s a lot of coffee folks.

After taking a few shots in the photo booth with Tyler, the pizza arrived! We stuffed our faces and chatted about the upcoming school year and everyone’s plans, and although we were quite full, we found room for cupcakes and cake balls from Sassafras' Sweets – thankfully most of the sweets were eaten so that those of us at the office would not have to endure the burden of finishing them off ourselves.

Then, things got serious. Armed with stickers, our models were given their next mission. Rid themselves of the stickers by sneakily sticking them to other people. If you were caught, you had to take your sticker back and receive a stick from the stick-ee. Let us just say that many battles were fought, but everyone was sporting cars, toy story characters, and minions by the end of the game.

Having had enough of individual competition, we grouped the models into teams of four and had them offer up a willing victim to be wrapped up like a mummy. One person stood still in order to be wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper, and the results were immaculate. Two teams were awarded, the team that finished their roll of toilet paper first and the second was awarded to the best wrapped mummy. The best wrapped mummy went to the extent of wrapping their mummy’s TOES (oh yeah, our models are not competitive at all).

We have 23 models representing us at 13 local high schools! Our largest model rep team to date with many different high schools in the DFW Metroplex such as: Richardson High School, Centennial High School, McKinney Boyd High School, Heritage High School, Liberty High School, Little Elm High School, Lone Star High School, Lucas Christian Academy, McKinney North High School, Prosper High School, Ursuline Academy of Dallas, and Wakeland High School.

Photos were taken throughout the event, the studio was filled with of laughter from the photo booth styled shoot where the models had plenty of props to choose from. We could not have asked for a better time and really enjoyed getting to know our Models and their friends more. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it and we hope to see you next time!


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