Gorgeous, a gymnast, a reader, and a braniac; Shannon Dyer is a senior after our hearts. When we photographed her older sister, Lauren, back in 2012, we knew that she was a hoot and couldn’t expect anything less from Shannon! With a spritely attitude and an outgoing spirit, Shannon dazzled us with her smile and big blue eyes as we strolled along the paths at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas.

While walking through the denser part of the woods, we found a side of the creek that runs through Arbor Hills that we have not seen before. This area had a ton of rocks that Shannon gracefully leapt onto – in heels no less. We underestimated Shannon’s balance as she easily made her way across the stream and on to the other side, while we may have struggled just a little bit more (our assistant almost fell in…twice!).

Shannon told us that she is interested in pursuing a degree in Business hopefully at UT Austin in the fall. She also told our team that one of her main goals this year was to read 100 new books! We thought this was a huge feat, but she just shrugged and giggled as she showed us her trunk which was packed full of books. Naturally, we had to photograph her with what she said was just a small portion of her collection.

Unafraid of the wild insects that roam in Northern Dallas, Shannon rolled in a pile of leaves we passed and laughed as our assistant picked them out of her hair after she threw them up in the air. Wacky and loveable, we had a very memorable shoot with this awesome Senior Model Rep and we can’t wait to see what she does in the future!

To see more from Shannon, read her Seniority page!



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