This drop-dead gorgeous beauty, Ashlynn Starry, is not just easy on the eyes she’s easy on the camera too! Reedy High School’s favorite senior, Ashlynn, not only dresses up like a supermodel but she poses like one as well! From her chic brown leather boots to her trendy white converse, she knew how to carry it all off with a bucket load of awesomeness.

We loved how the weather complimented her photo-shoot. The sun exposure was just right. We kept taking pictures from different angles while the sun played through the trees between the buildings and backlit her hair. The lighting was very natural and complemented her eyes and outfit choices quite well. Her golden streaked auburn hair and her baby blue eyes made the photos all the more extraordinary, as you can see!

Ashlynn took us to her favorite places in town and we loved how picture-friendly those spots were. The fresh green grass and beautiful trees made us want to take livelier pictures. We were lucky that we had a model like Ashlynn, who loved being photographed alongside nature.

Since we had taken many colorful pictures of her with the serene lush green in the lovely sun, we mutually decided on taking a classic black and white portrait. The B&W portrait was just hands down the classiest. The idiom “as pretty as a picture” just went with Ashlynn, because she just that! We could go one for a thousand words (see what I did there) but we will spare you so you can just enjoy the images.

We had a blast photographing Reedy High’s super supermodel!


Which one is your favorite?

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