If Micah Lloyd was in charge of the world, baseball would be a year-round sport. With a bright smile and a sunny attitude, Micah told us that his high school, Hebron High School, nearly made it to state this past year – which is why he waited so long to have his senior pictures done!

After graduating last Monday, we finally got to meet Micah and his mom, Capri. The rain prevented us from getting out to take Micah’s photos, but the sunshine was well worth the wait. We snagged a few photos at their lovely home in Plano with a very cool golden throne that Capri found one day when she was out shopping. We also couldn’t pass up the gorgeous architecture of their home and grabbed a few of Micah around the house.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve was our next destination, and although it was a hot day, our team hiked all the way to the back of the preserve for a few shots with the tower that stands in the middle of the trails. As we were hiking back up the trails to our cars, Capri mentioned there was a lovely lake with swans around the corner, so we just had to see it for ourselves. The sun setting so we had a few minutes left of light, and we booked it over to the quaint little pond. Micah grabbed his favorite glove, and told us that he loved playing short-stop and hadn’t really decided yet where he was heading in the fall.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had so much fun with Micah and Capri! We hope that Micah finds the perfect place to head off to school in the fall and we wish them the very best of luck in the future!


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