Talk about breathtaking. Our team stared in awe as Georgia Scalfano, a senior this year at Trinity Christian Academy, jumped out of the car and gave her friend a big hug. We were totally unprepared for the sight before us, and we’re sure our faces were a sight to behold.

Little did we know that the week before her Model for a Day session that Georgia would come down with appendicitis! Determined to have her senior portraits done, Georgia and her mother came to the studio in November and declared with a flourish that she was going to “have this senior portrait session if it was the last thing I do!” We laughed and assured her that we would take it slow and begged her to let us know when she needed a break if she had trouble keeping up with us – of course, we couldn’t have known that it would be the other way around by the end of the day.

So while getting her hair and makeup done at our studio in Frisco, Georgia told us that her mother’s friend, referred to as Dr. B, had a nice ranch out in Aubrey, Tx which isn’t too far from the studio. The only issue was that it was under some construction and that there probably wouldn’t be very many horses there. We agreed that a quiet ranch with a few horses would be a great place for a senior portrait session, and as soon as our hair and makeup team had worked their magic we were off. But we weren’t ready for what Georgia had in store for us.

When we pulled up to ‘B Squared’ – the ranch owned by the notorious Dr. B – we were shocked. When Georgia and her mother had mentioned the ranch, they just said it was a few acres and that it was under construction. Talk about an understatement. The white fencing perfectly contrasted with the deep green of the rolling fields and wrapped around a quaint little pond along the drive. The stables were just stunning and the sun poked through the doors to reveal a king’s welcome in horse terms. Georgia hopped out of the car and gave who we came to finally know as Dr. B as well as a few of the stable hands and some friends who were out enjoying the cool weather.

Oh, and remember how she said there were a few horses? There were 50. And these aren’t just any horses. These horses were 50 of the most beautiful pure-bred Arabian horses that our team had ever seen – one of which had just won a National Championship in a horse show. Our faces must have been golden to look at because Georgia and her mother just burst out laughing as we stammered how absolutely gorgeous the location was.

Needless to say that our jobs were easy after that. Georgia effortlessly posed on the fencing, corralled the horses into posing with her, and never complained once even as it grew colder over the hours we spent on the ranch. Overjoyed with our day, we headed back to the studio and drooled over the images we captured of this lovely redhead and her afternoon at the stunning ranch. We hope that this smart young woman gets into the college of her choice and we can't wait to hear where she decides to attend!



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