As we continue down our quest visiting all the hot spots in the DFW area, Downtown Fort Worth was TRBP’s next stop! We were slightly worried we would run into a bit of that Metroplex traffic like we had when traveling to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, but traffic was surprisingly light and we were on track to arrive at Sundance Square on time. Because this was Haley, Gabby, and Gracie’s FIRST session as a Tyler R. Brown Senior Model Rep we were more than excited to get started. The gorgeous Sundance Square is a 35- block development filled with boutiques, restaurants, night spots, and art galleries, making it one of the best entertainment and shopping districts in the southwest!

We ran around Sundance Square and admired the shops. Gracie, Haley, and Gabby wore stunning formal dressed to showcase the awesome architecture in the square and pop out against the water features we strolled past.

From Sundance Square we moseyed our way south towards the Fort Worth Water Gardens. As we passed by the Convention Center, we saw Pink Impact was setting up some sort of outdoor concert. The band was doing sounds checks, so we stopped to dance for a few beats then kept on our way to the water gardens. The Fort Worth Water Gardens are an architectural and engineering marvel! We were able to check out several different water features, and they were the perfect backdrop for North Texas senior photos! If you haven’t been out there, we definitely recommend making the trip!

Once the sun had almost set and we had walked our models out of their shoes, we decided to try to find our cars and make our way home. We had an absolute blast and Downtown Fort Worth was good to us - we can't wait to return for the amazing atmosphere, architecture, and senior photos!



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