As we make our way through our list of DFW’s best landmarks, our time to venture out to Fort Worth’s Botanical Gardens had arrived! Senior Model Reps Angela, Erin, and Isabel came out with us to enjoy the amazing weather and gorgeous views the gardens provide!

We definitely should have planned on leaving the studio earlier than we did, because we ran into some pretty gnarly traffic on 121! We were almost worried we would miss some optimal “golden hour” light, but thank goodness we were able to make it to the gardens with just enough time. Our lovely models we’re just spectacular and worked worth the short amount of time we had. We explored through the gardens and found some truly breathtaking areas. What a feeling of Zen to walk through nature. Especially after spending some quality time parked on 121!

Once the sun finally set, we decided to stop for some tea at Starbucks to get us through the trek back home. Nothing better than a day consisting of fun photos, a beautiful DFW attraction, and a cup of tea!



Which one is your favorite?