Most people have someone that they call their best friend, but when you look at these photographs, it’s amazing that these two high school seniors are not physically attached at the hip!

Lauren and Emily have been best friends from birth – their mothers went to high school together and had been pretty good friends in their teenage years. When they found out that they were both pregnant at the same time, it’s no wonder Emily and Lauren seem to be bonded not only as friends but as soul sisters!

The moment these two ladies stepped out of their car – after driving five hours for their Far North Dallas senior portrait session with us – we could immediately see how close they were. Lauren, who is a state champion tennis player, helped Emily drag her suitcase packed with shoes up the stairs while telling us that she had just recently been awarded Homecoming Queen at her high school, Parkers Chapel High School.

As far as being busy goes, we don’t think you could find two more involved high schoolers than these two. Emily, a senior at El Dorado High School, is not only a Varsity cheerleader, she plays soccer, is a gymnast, a ballerina, and a tap dancer – no, we aren’t kidding. When we asked her what she wanted to do, she shrugged and said: “I don’t really know, a little bit of everything!” What she does know, though, is that she wants to be a LSU Tiger! Lauren heard Emily say this and rolled her eyes while pointing at her U of A t-shirt and told us that she’s planning on attending University of Arkansas next fall.

Although the day was pretty chilly, we made our way through the streets of Downtown McKinney which is always full of new places that have not been explored by our lenses! As we were taking photos of Lauren, Emily was telling us that although they went to different schools, they did all that they could to go to each other’s events.

The day ended with pizza and a little more fun in the studio with Lauren in her basketball uniform – yep, she does that too – and homecoming sash. Emily donned her One Direction t-shirt and started singing for us and then showed us her jumping skills with a few toe-touches.

We are so happy that we had the pleasure of meeting these two talented and unbelievably wonderful young ladies and we hope that they have the best senior year imaginable!



Which one is your favorite?