Best friends are a vital part of life, and when we met Kyra, it was no wonder that she was meant to be Carly’s best friend!

Carly won a free best friend shoot from one of our model challenges, a perk of being a Senior Model Rep. After having a blast with us, during our Rock n’ Roll session with Myrna Phillips at our Frisco studio, she asked to have her best friend session there as well!

We had some fun inside our studio before our team led these besties to the outside portion of our studio where there happens to be a gorgeous pool. With the day being so hot, it didn’t take much convincing for the girls to jump in the pool, with their outfits on, for some fun and unique photos! Trying to imitate crocodiles, the girls tried over and over again to keep a straight face. This proved to be difficult though when Carly started to blow bubbles, making all of us bust out in laughter.

When the sun had set, our lovely ladies grabbed a few towels and headed out, leaving our studio with awesome images and friendship goals.



Which one is your favorite?