Exploring DFW has been a blast so far, but when we woke up the morning of the Fort Worth Stock Yards Session, we knew it was going to be a good day. With a temperature already in the triple digits, our team geared up for what should have been a scorching North Texas day. But when we rolled up to the famous Fort Worth Stock Yards, there was a gentle breeze flowing through the shops, and although it smelled like cow dung, the weather was absolutely stunning!

Embracing the Texas summer, we glided in and out of cattle stalls, little boutiques, and avoided the multiple weddings being held on the location. With smiles all around, we posed seniors Erin, Landri, and Carli with a few old school wagons and the awesome water tower in the middle of the stock yards. Getting hungry, our team stopped in for a bite to eat at the western themed restaurant, Trailboss Burgers! The food was DELICIOUS and we even grabbed a few selfies with the stuffed buffalo that adorns one of the walls!

After eating our fill, we walked around the stock yards and the surrounding area to see what else we could find. And when we found some pure Texas cactus, our team was thrilled! Well at least until one of the cactus attacked one of our interns and she ended up having to pick little brown needles out of her hand! She’s recovered since then and is glad to take the risk for the photos we got!

We definitely hope to be returning to the Fort Worth Stock Yards in the future for more North Texas senior photos as we barely even got to photograph half of the area and we know there’s more to see!


Which one is your favorite?