Anneliese and Olivia have been friends for as long as they can remember. With their gorgeous blue eyes that match their beautiful personalities, it’s no wonder that they gravitate to one another so easily. We adored their matching outfits that matched their eyes, and we were very excited to get started on their best friend session!

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, with its gorgeous wildflowers and rolling hills, was the perfect place for us to photograph their amazing bond and to see for ourselves their awesome friendship! It couldn’t have been a prettier day either. The big Texas sky was pure blue, there was a slight breeze, and these lovely friends were sporting their favorite pair of cowboy boots.

Although it wasn’t really a hot day, it’s still Texas and the air was definitely warm. After walking around the preserve for a bit and dodging a few joggers, Annie and Olivia took their shoes off and cooled their feet in the creek that runs through the preserve. We were pretty impressed at their balance, but laughed with them as they navigated their way around the creek without falling in!

We caught our breath, dried our feet off, and headed back up the trail towards the parking lot. We laughed as Annie and Olivia skipped together half of the way, and we knew we were going to just love their photos together!


Which one is your favorite?