Back in June we brought you the wonderful story of the couple who were just engaged at The Shops at Legacy while we sat there waiting for a client who had stood us up (booo). They we so happy with the beautiful images we captured that evening that they asked us to be their wedding photographers. We were thrilled they wanted us to be there on their special day, and it was indeed a wonderful event. It came off just how they had planned it, small, simple and soon, minus the small part. :)

Bob and Glenda were married right here in Frisco, Texas, at the Stonebriar Community Church. A very convenient location and venue for us indeed.

As Bob awaited his new bride, his Granddaughter came running down the isle and leapt into her Grandpa Bob’s arms, so darn cute! Then just before Glenda was about to come down the stairs they played The Merry Widow’s Waltz. Beautiful, and so moving.

Glenda walked down the isle with her son and during the ceremony Bob lovingly washed her feet--I just loved the biblical symbolism, a very touching sign of his great affection for Glenda. The whole event was perfect, simply the best.

We couldn’t be happier for Bob and Glenda. It really is a blessing that they found one another after so much tragedy in their lives. Congratulations guys, best wishes, and thanks again for having us on your big day!

Which one is your favorite?