Bob and Glenda were both left with broken hearts after their spouses died from long battles with cancer. Since both shared the same family physician, a "cure" was suggested by Dr. Jones, to mend their hurt and heartache. The doctor wrote Glenda's name and phone number on a prescription pad and told Bob to call her. This resulted in days of hesitation, but after much prayer, Bob decided to follow the doctor's advice and take his "medicine"--- he called Glenda.

After several weeks of phone conversations, they decided to meet for the very first time for Sunday lunch after church. The doctor's remedy seemed to have a positive effect on both. Five months later on June 11, at the Hope Center where Glenda worked, in the lobby in front of the fireplace under the wagon wheel with a large antler chandelier overhead, on one knee Bob asked Glenda to become his wife.

Later that same evening, while celebrating their engagement by the Legacy Town Center Fountain, they came across two bored photographers, waiting for a client who had stood them up, US! We took a second to capture their happy moment in pictures. After the unexpected and unplanned timing of a photographer just showing up, they decided the wedding would be small, simple and soon!

Five weeks later, on July 17th, with the blessing of over 200 friends and family members, they are going to celebrate the joining of their families and lives to become one.

Congratulations guys, and what a wonderful story! We are super excited to be there to photograph your nuptials. See you soon!

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