As a nation that is constantly moving towards progress and goals, coffee is a strong factor in our day to day lives. Or at least it is for our team and senior model reps Taylor, Maddie, and Annie!

The lovely ladies met us for their group session in Downtown McKinney at an adorable coffee shop called fILTER(ed) to kick off their North Dallas Senior pictures. The amazing staff there granted us the ability to photograph in their little shop and with all of the neat things they have in there.

Laughing over coffee, our models posed for us and let us capture their budding friendships and jokes! One of the managers even amazed us with his awesome coffee art! Taylor told our group about her awesome goat, who is named Noodle, and Annie showed off her piano skills. Although Maddie can't play the piano, her fashion sense is off the hook and she looked amazing in a floppy hat and blanket scarf!

After chowing down on some delectable macaroons and sipping on enough coffee to feel our skin start tingling we headed out to the beautiful weather and walked around the quaint downtown streets.

These Dallas seniors know how to have a good time, and it’s always fun to have an easy-going group to enjoy the afternoon with. Annie even made a joke after we had her pose with a light pole that it was her new boyfriend – which of course caused us all to burst out into giggles!

Did we mention that this was the first session with our 2017 Senior Model Rep team?! They were fantastic and we know this is going to be an amazing year so keep a look out for more!


Which one is your favorite?