We met up with Cal, his mom, and his two younger sisters at Frisco Square for his senior portrait session. Cal is a senior at Heritage High School and a member of the school’s basketball team. He even knows one of our 2014 model reps, Marissa Robinson, who is also an athlete at Heritage High School.

The weather was beautiful and we weren’t the only photographers taking advantage of Frisco Square’s great textures and built in props! Cal started off the session in a bright buttoned up top and jeans that really worked well with the various backgrounds. After that, he put on his tux, which was quite spiffy! We captured some great shots of Cal in his tux with the train, his basketball, and the gorgeous morning sky. To finish off the session, we took some much darker shots of Cal in his hoodie with his basketball. They turned out pretty awesome and we are so glad we had the privilege of photographing this young man! Good luck at LSU this Fall.



Jaedyn Avery

Jaedyn poses, in one of her dance outfits, in the studio.

"Tyler Brown is an AMAZING photographer! I had so much fun taking my senior pictures with him! The staff made me feel so comfortable during my session. I would recommend him to anyone that I know. He's THE best!!" - Jaedyn Avery

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Gabby Klosterman

Sophie rocked her session!

“I really loved the experience that I've had this year. It truly brought up my confidence! I wouldn't recommend any other place. The people are amazing and I will definitely miss each and everyone I've met over the year through this opportunity!!”

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