Our Lone Star High School football player, Brad, came back for the second half of his senior portraits session and we couldn’t wait to photograph him again! If you don’t remember, we photographed Brad at our studio and captured some really awesome tough guy shots. Although we were very happy with his studio portraits, we were excited to get some cool shots of this senior on location.

Brad decided on Frisco Square, a popular location among our seniors, and we met him there one day after he got out of school. We made our way around Babe’s Chicken, the railroad tracks, and even stopped in a big field near some construction as the sun was setting. We had so much fun with Brad and he was ready for anything we threw at him… including goofing off with a wrecking ball pose.

We love having Brad as one of our 2014 senior model reps and we will be sad to see him go after graduation. Good luck at college next year and your engineering degree!


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