Olivia told us as we strolled down the streets of Downtown McKinney that she is a senior at Heritage High School. She heard about us through her good friend Kayla Underwood, who you may know from her North Dallas senior shoot with us.

Luscombe Farms and Downtown McKinney are very popular spots to have your senior photos taken, and Olivia couldn’t decide which one she liked more, so we did both! We were lucky to have such a gorgeous day to take photographs, but we won’t say that there were not small hiccups along the way. Have you heard of a garden orb weaving spider? Although they’re not dangerous, they are pretty terrifying to look at. They blend well with the background, making it quite possible to walk through the eight-legged demon’s web at the rustic farm.

As we were exploring Downtown McKinney, Olivia found some old and un-used wooden pallets and wanted to climb on top of them. Inspired, Tyler stacked the pallets on top of one another and helped Olivia find her balance on the pallets! It’s important when on shoots to look for different props that can make your senior portraits unique and special!

We had one unexpected prop at Luscombe farms: Roman. Roman is Beth’s golden Labrador that is sweeter than pie and LOVES to have his photo taken! While Olivia was posing with some of the old farm equipment that can be found around Luscombe Farms, Roman made an appearance and got a good scratch behind the ears by Olivia’s mother, Cindy.

Cindy told our team as we were taking some shots of Olivia in the sunset that she was happy that her beautiful daughter had two older brothers who were so protective! We love to hear that our models are well loved and we were so happy to have the pleasure of meeting Olivia during her senior portrait session.



Which one is your favorite?