It’s not every day that one of our seniors will ask if they can wear a Chewbacca onesie to their North Dallas Senior Photo session, but when asked it was without any hesitation that our team screamed yes!

When we first heard from Mikenzie, we expected her to be a very serious young lady that wanted no funny business. She told us that she’s not only double majoring, but she’s TRIPLE majoring at the University of Arizona next year, and she hopes to be working in the Criminal Justice field in the future. But when she whipped out the onesie, we knew that this smarty had a pretty big funny bone. Apparently at her yearbook pictures for Independence High School where Mikenzie is a senior this year, she wore a Jurassic Park T-shirt. So she obviously had to top that with the Chewbacca outfit.

Being pretty big Star Wars Fans ourselves (our team may or may not happen to own a millennium falcon model space ship), we were overwhelmed with excitement and asked her to wait until we were out at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to don the hairy onesie. We rushed out to Arbor Hills after getting some gorgeous shots of this silly senior in the studio, and we were met with the giggles and awe of some of the runners who jog on the trails at Arbor Hills.

We played in the onesie for a little while until it got too hot, then we put it away and went to catch the sunset and play in one of the creeks that run through the lovely nature preserve. Deciding to balance out the silly with some stunning, our team wove a flower crown out of some of the wild indian blankets that were growing in the fields and posed Mikenzie with the sunset. Tired, hot, and a little bug bitten, we hiked back up the hills to the parking lot, and “sneakily” drove Mikenzie’s awesome black Jeep onto some of the grass by the parking lot to photograph her with it in front of the sunset.

It was a fantastic session, and we laughed until we cried at some of the Chewbacca photos! We wish Mikenzie the very best at the University of Arizona in the fall and we can’t wait to see what she does next!


Which one is your favorite?