Brooke Williams is many things, but our team for sure know that both her class and her kindness stickout the most!

Brooke is a 2017 top model in our senior model rep program, and with a week left before the beginning of her senior year, we had her North Dallas senior photo session in the blazing heat of Texas in July. Although it was a toasty one, we met Brooke and her mom, Emily, out at Minter’s in Plano, Texas. Minter’s is a high-end Thunderbird repair and restoration shop that has been in business for over five decades. The owner of the shop is a good friend of Brooke’s family, and she told our team that she remembers going to work with her dad and playing among the beautiful (and expensive) classic cars. So when faced with the question of where she wanted to have her photos done, Minter’s was choice number 1!

After we wore out the amazing mechanics at Minter’s, we headed out to Gunter, Texas to finish up Brooke’s senior pictures on her grandparent’s ranch. Our team’s hearts soared when we saw the sprawling acres, cows, and quaint country home with a wrap-around porch. It was in no time that we had Brooke posed on the railings and around the beautiful pond on the property.

It eventually became too hot to take any more photos, so our team reluctantly called it a day – but not until we photographed Brooke in one of her trainer outfits! Brooke is a football trainer at Lone Star High School, and told us that not only does she really love it because she gets to hang out with her friends, but she gets to watch the games from the turf and she finds it much more exciting that way! Our talented senior is always a busy one, but we expect she should be as she owns her own business raising cattle, and holds a position as president of Lone Star’s FFA club!

If you want to read more about our adventures with Brooke so far this summer, click here to read about our session with some of her cows, or here to read about our day at the UNT Football stadium. Not enough? You can also see her here at our camping session earlier this spring! We absolutely love this young lady and we cannot wait to see how this year unfolds for her!


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