When you first roll into the Denton Square, you expect to see a beautifully quaint, small town feel, courthouse – possibly with a few college students scattered around on blankets having picnics or studying. You expect to see the soft lights of Christmas strung up in and around the trees, framed by the infamous Opera house (now a recycled book store), and the atmospheric sounds of maybe a jazz or bluegrass band playing on the corner.

What you do not expect, is a booming, devilish, and wild heavy metal concert – which is unfortunately what Makenna Kinnamon got during the first round of her DFW senior portraits. One of our team members is a soon to be graduate from UNT. She mistook Makenna’s request for Highland Park for Highland Village as one of her locations for her senior shoot, so we suggested Denton Square as an alternative. We were unaware that we were taking the Colorado native to what could have been mistaken for a Satanic church service.

Taking my senior pictures with Tyler R. Brown has been one of the most fun and awesome experiences. I absolutely loved the pictures that he took, he is definitely one of the best photographers I have ever met. The staff is so friendly, and immediately welcomes you in. I would highly recommend Tyler R. Brown Photography!!!!!

As we caravanned to the square, we found that most of the roads were blocked off, and could hear what appeared to be a concert from a few blocks down. Undeterred, our team member was convinced that whatever was happening would be on Denton’s Fair Grounds and that the Square would probably be prime location space for Makenna’s shoot. Fate was playing a different game though, and as we rounded the corner onto Locust street, we could see not just one, but SIX concerts happening at the same time.

You see, Denton has a festival every year called 35 Denton – it has three separate nights of music, and our collegiate team member failed to check Denton’s very public calendar, and brought our senior model rep and her very forgiving mother to a college town full of half-naked hula-hooping, college students enjoying a few too many beverages, and wandering clouds of cigarette smoke.

Needless to say, we were mortified. Makenna on the other hand, waved it off, being a fan of music and having been to a few concerts herself, and said that we should just get what we could and try again another day. So we set off one of the streets away from the festival, and with music a little more aggressive than our tastes, had a great shoot until the sun went down.

Having done a bit more research, and investigating the area before our second shoot, we found that Highland Park was heavy-metal free and a prime area for taking photographs. Makenna looked stunning against the high-class architecture and even had her name in lights at the movie theater! We had a fantastic time and there was not a hula-hooper in sight.

Makenna told us that she absolutely loves to be in nature, and had a blast on her first shoot with as a Senior Model Rep with Reid and Madison. She is also thinking about starting off college life at Collin Community and then heading off to attend OU – which our team thinks is incredibly smart!

This Colorado girl definitely knocked our socks off and we could not ask for a better Senior Model Rep!

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