As we stood on the roof at the NYLO Hotel, we watch the ominous cloud move across the northern sky like an angry horde of bees. We also sighed in relief – we had avoided the hail and the weather that would have ruined our session!

Sophie Ervin comes to our studio from Flower Mound High School! We were so excited to photograph this unique and stunning Senior Model Rep, because she brought a few experiences that many of our seniors would love to hear about! For example – Sophie spent a year in France on her own as an exchange student. How cool is that?! She also works at an amazing bakery in Highland Village called The Flour Shop, and told us that her favorite part is helping her boss decorate the cakes and cupcakes! For this senior, we knew we had to step up our game.

When we had her pre-consultation, Sophie showed us some photos of the NYLO Hotel, so we got to work. When we got a hold of the manager, and Sophie was able to talk them into letting us hop onto their Soda Bar on the roof of the hotel. Why the Soda Bar, you ask? It has the BEST view of the Dallas skyline in North Texas! It was a tad bit windy due to the cold front coming through, but we were just south enough of Dallas that we enjoyed the gorgeous clouds without having to endure the weather.

After we exhausted our time at the gorgeous NYLO, we headed to the West End of Dallas and caught some lovely evening lights. We had a blast with this future UNT student and we can’t wait to see what she does this fall as a part of the Mean Green!


Which one is your favorite?