Maybe we are being a little dramatic when we say that Jaedyn Avery, a senior at Liberty High School, was buried by corn, but she was definitely covered in it by the time her DFW senior portrait session with us was over!

As a dancer, Jaedyn had requested that we shoot photos of her jumping and leaping across an industrial space, so when we found an empty area in Downtown McKinney where Jaedyn could jump. We didn’t question all of the corn kernels that were laying around on the ground though. After a few minutes, we heard a whirring sound. Confused, our team looked up and found that it had begun to rain corn! Apparently, we had placed ourselves in a corn mill, and the kernels were escaping and pouring all over Jaedyn, who was standing smack dab in the middle of the mill. Don’t worry though, we managed to get it all out of her hair!

The DFW native is not only talented but humble. When she mentioned to us that she wanted to do some dance moves for the camera in our studio, we expected a few leaps, but what she did surprised us to no end. Jaedyn got into position, looked at us, and asked us if we were ready. The moment Tyler said ‘yes’ Jaedyn threw herself backwards, arms fully extended behind her head, back arched, and balanced on the tops of her feet. It. Was. Amazing. And it looked very difficult. So, naturally, we asked her to do it again and again so that we could get the perfect photograph – we didn’t say modeling was easy, but we are determined to make our pictures perfect!

"Tyler Brown is an AMAZING photographer! I had so much fun taking my senior pictures with him! The staff made me feel so comfortable during my session. I would recommend him to anyone that I know. He's THE best!!" - Jaedyn Avery

Like we said earlier, Jaedyn is a dancer – and a fantastically talented one at that. She told us when she met us at the studio that she was able to do her own makeup for her senior portrait session with us because she has had so much practice through participating in competitive dance. We asked her what type of dance she competed in, and over the years, and her response was impressive. Jaedyn has competed in jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, and even clogging! This past June, she competed in the DFW Grand Showcase with her dance team and placed 1st naming the team National Champions!

After getting all of the corn out of Jaedyn’s hair, we found out that Wyndi, Jaedyn’s mother, owns a Range Rover. Jaedyn persuaded her mother to let her get onto the shiny new car – and it was so worth it! It was pitch black outside by the time we were able to get back to the car, and we weren’t sure that we would have enough light to take the photo, but our Canon flashes never fail us, and we captured Jaedyn in a blaze of light, carefully balancing on Wyndi’s car so as not to dent it!

Tyler R. Brown Photography had such a great time photographing this Senior Model Rep for her senior portrait shoot and we wish her the very best at the University of Arkansas next fall!

If you'd like to know more about this amazing senior, read her Seniority page!



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