This good-looking lad – Michael, is famous at Reedy High School for his amazing jawline and contagious smile. What makes people want to be friends with this handsome young man is his basketball skills. We met up with Michael (who asked us to call him Mike), for a quick Seniority session in Deep Ellum.

While admiring his awesome ballin’ skills, we decided to try and capture some of his moves. The weather was just perfect; the wonderful light quality complimented our shooting style! As we went on with our senior portrait session, we could see how hard Mike had practiced, which showed he true passion for his sport of choice, basketball!

He then took us to Crum Basketball Centre, which has an alluring intricate architecture. While Mike sat down, wearing his SMU sweatshirt, with his basketball in his hands, looking ahead; it almost felt like he was imagining himself in the future at his dream school SMU, being a part of the basketball team there.

In the end-what is really better than ending your shoot at the beautiful Dallas Skyline? We hope that Mike gets an athletic scholarship to SMU. We loved having him as a client, and Frisco, TX will miss this young man wherever he ends up!


Which one is your favorite?