We would like to re-introduce our beautiful, and talented, ballerina, Brooke Sauls! You might recognize her from our model rep session blog post with Brooke, Kristin, and Lexi at Luscombe Farms in Anna, Texas.

Brooke is a senior this year at McKinney North High School. She and her friend, Nikki, met us at the studio to escape the summer heat for to begin her session. While she was being primped and pampered by our very own Whitney Stiles, Brooke told us all about her dancing career and even taught our team a little bit about ballet – did you know ballet shoes are wooden? (we most assuredly did not).

"Tyler R. Brown is the best place to get your senior pictures done! I had so much fun working with everyone and would recommend them to absolutely everyone!!! Thanks you guys so much for putting up with me taking some awesome pictures! I'm so grateful to have had this experience and cant thank y'all enough!" - Brooke Sauls

After grabbing some great studio shots, we braced ourselves and headed out into the 100 degree weather to revisit Luscombe Farms for some gorgeous on site photos. Facing adversity (meaning: spiders, storms, and the dreaded chigger) for the second time, Brooke wowed us with her grace and impressed us with her fearless Texan attitude as she scaled a barbed wire fence. Did we mention she lives on a farm? Well, she does… and you can tell by her lack of anxiety about being out in the country. We cannot say the same for the rest of us. Luscombe Farms is a picturesque north Dallas country photography location, but it is not for the faint of heart, nor the arachnophobic.

We had a great time photographing Brooke and we are excited to have her as model rep this school year! Now if the darn chigger bites would just stop itching…

To read more about Brooke, take a look at her Seniority page!


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