"Sun! Glorious, wonderful, beautiful, sun!” – DFW residents everywhere could be heard from states away about the excitement of a blue sky with barely a cloud in sight after the onslaught of rain that saturated the Dallas area. And with the sun came our second round of cap and gown shoots for our wonderful clients! Our team had bustled into the studio early that Saturday morning with a handful of donuts and a sleepy, but bright attitude. Ready for the day, the team set up the studio just in time for the arrival of best friends Kristin Birkhoff and Cora Seelman, who you may recognize from each of their personal sessions as well as a shoot at Luscombe Farms and Lake Lewisville – currently underwater.

The best friends laughed their way around our studio and enjoyed learning how to slide their graduation caps on their heads without messing up their hair a skill that was deemed useful as their graduation was only a week away.

Soon after our lovely duo left, we found Makenna Kinnamon wandering around in an absolutely adorable outfit! This future SNU girl was stunning, and proudly told us that her mom also went to Southern Nazarene University. Tia Nayar soon joined our group sporting a UMASS t-shirt where she plans to play volleyball in the fall. Our all-star player rocked her cap and gown and smiled politely when our team kept telling her how tall she was, something she probably hears all of the time. Our next senior, Brianna Griffin, came smiling through the door, looking more awake than most of us! You may remember her from her personal shoot at Adriatica Village last fall and we were excited to have her back in our studio to see what she was up to! Like Kristin, Brianna was heading off to the University of Arkansas. When we told her she’d have to do a woo pig sooie for us, she laughing obliged and pushed her nose up in a salute to her new home.

Laughter cued that the always smiley senior model rep, Meghan Alvarez, had arrived in the studio. Proudly going to Texas Tech in the fall, Meghan also told us that she is ready for her summer to start but that she’d really miss her Heritage High School family. As we said adios to Meghan, Alex McKay, another senior model rep and baby-lover was found cooing at Tyler’s three month-old, Liam, who is turning out to be quite the lady’s man! We stole Alex away up stairs and smiled at Tyler’s excitement that she was still heading off to OSU in the fall – his alma mater.

After a short break for our hard-working team, the sweet Shannon Dyer popped her head into our studio. Shannon had already graduated from the prestigious Ursuline Academy, but that didn’t stop us from grabbing a few photos in her non-traditional graduation wear. Ursuline has their lovely ladies adorn white dresses and big white hats for their graduation ceremonies. Needless to say, the team was envious as we had to all wear, what Macy calls, potato chip bags.

Exhausted, our team high-fived and called it a day. We are so blessed to have such a great group of seniors and we cannot wait to see what life brings this crazy group next!



Which one is your favorite?