Holy pretty ladies, Batman! Our models were on fire during this senior model rep shoot in Deep Ellum.

The wonderful Whitney Stiles worked her magic on our already stunning 2015 Model Reps and we headed into the studio for some individual and group shooting sessions. Becoming fast friends, Jaedyn, Meghan, and Lauren giggled their way through many different poses and kept a fierce attitude as they dazzled us with their ‘smizes’ – Tyra would have been so proud. After rocking our studio set, we set off to explore Deep Ellum where Lauren swept Jaedyn off her feet and into a piggy back ride to save her feet from stylish (though painful) shoes.

Working hard always calls for a food break, so we headed over to Gators in the West End for some snacks where we discovered that it was karaoke night! All three of our lovely models got on stage and sang their hearts out to some old tunes, going from supermodels to rock stars in a matter of moments – the talent on the stage that night was legen – (wait for it) - dary. We ended our adventure in the West End where we captured our astonishing models shining brighter than the lights of the Dallas skyline, putting it to shame with their breathtaking smiles.

Needless to say, we had a magnificent time with these three brilliant young women and we hope Jaedyn, Lauren, and Meghan have a fantastic senior year and we can’t wait to meet up with them again soon!


Which one is your favorite?