Not many people want to take on the challenge of looking flawless on a hot summer day in Texas, but Senior Model Rep Lizzie Buccambuso took it in stride and came out on top of the game!

Take our word for it when we say this senior is spunky! With a gorgeous face and a sassy attitude, our team loved photographing Lizzie in our studio. Our assistants joked that they couldn’t even manage a cartwheel while Lizzie easily slid into a split and gave the camera a dazzling smile when she jumped five feet off the ground for a photo.

A Little Bit About Lizzie

School/Class: Lone Star High School - 2016

What colleges are you interested in?

A&M Commerce

What would you like to major in?


What are your favorite clothing stores?

Forever 21, Image, H&M, JC Penny's, and Love Culture;

What type of music do you listen to?

Pop and Hip-hop

Do you have any favorite sports teams?


What is your favorite hang out spot?

The mall, my house or the movie theater




Luke having a great time on the tracks

"I usually don't like taking pictures but this was the funnest time I have ever had in front of a camera. Tyler and Stacia let me take the pictures I wanted and they also had some great suggestions. Overall it was a fun time and the pictures turned out sweet." - Luke

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Tia Nayar

Tia leans her elbow on a wall at the Shops at Legacy.

" Tyler Brown and his staff are absolutely AMAZING!!! Everyone is incredibly FRIENDLY and his artistic genius makes for PHENOMENAL pictures. I had the best time working with him as a 2014-2015 senior model rep. If you haven't signed up for your session yet, you are missing out!! :)" - Tia Nayar

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