Bold colors for a bold family, the Batsons had us on our toes for their family session! We met this fun and wonderful family when Kaitlyn came to us for her senior portraits. It's always exciting when our senior clients come back to us for their family Christmas pictures and this family joined us during the fall in North Dallas!

Although we normally don’t suggest wearing the same outfits, the Batson women looked phenomenal in their bright red shirts and gold jewelry!

The Batsons met our team across the street in this adorable park hidden in the middle of a neighborhood and full of awesome rocks and a beautiful pond. We trekked into the tall grass, and around the pond for the photo shoot and were amazed at the ladies’ dexterity in their heels! No one fell, thankfully, but they definitely had to tip toe through a little mud to get to a particularly pretty spot near the waterfall! Lucky for them, we had a gentleman there to help stay upright on the slick spots.

We had a wonderful time with this lovely family and we’re so glad they chose us to spend the afternoon with!


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