This shoot, in a word, was awesome. We couldn’t believe it when we got word that McKinney International Airport was willing to let us use their runway for a photoshoot. But it didn’t end there. When our team contacted Eric – the airports coordinator, he had a surprise for us. Eric had spoken with an owner of a NC21104 Stinson Reliant SR-10 a.k.a.: a REALLY cool plane.

Tom, the plane’s owner, had found the old plane and completely restored it to it’s original glory. And let us tell you – that plane is a beaut! After having a short phone call with Tom, our team met with him at McKinney International for a sneak peek of the plane. We nearly fainted. It was stunning, bright, and perfect! So we began plotting.

Deciding to go fully vintage with this session, we wanted to have our models with hair and makeup that was inspired by the 50’s. We called up one of our awesome makeup artists and grabbed a few models form our 2016 and 2017 model rep team and booked it up!

It was pretty windy on the day of, but our team soldiered on. The models, Samantha and Madi from the 2016 group, and Jadzia from the 2017 team met us at the studio for a few hours of hair and makeup. When we were all set, we trekked out to the air strip.

Being kind enough to let us use the front of the terminal, Tom parked the Stinson smack dab in the middle and let us have free reign for the session. It was immaculate and we loved the high contrast of the bright sun with our stunning models – although they were nearly blind by the end of the shoot! Tom even let the models get into the cab of the plane for a few shots!

We were beyond ecstatic and so thankful for Tom and Eric for letting us crash their day – pun not intended!


Which one is your favorite?