Everyone knows the stories, the movies, even the comics. The jocks, usually football players, bully the underdog and are seen as gruesome representations of oversized teenagers. Not this time!

Senior Model Rep, Jake Ray, has to be the nicest guy on the planet. Tall and broad shouldered, Jake certainly fits into the football world, but after the sessions we’ve had the pleasure to photograph him in, we can definitely say that Jake breaks all pretenses of the stereotypical football player. Not only is Jake kind, but he is extremely talented and told our team that he’s positive that he and the other seniors at Lone Star High School would be leading their team to playoffs later on this school year.

We were pleasantly surprised when Jake signed up to join our model rep team this year, as we enjoyed the company of his older brother, Jack, a few years ago when he was a senior. Jack is now a college football player at Benedictine College in Kansas, and Jake is also showing the promising talent of a great player.

We love it when we have fun and relaxing sessions. After a while in our studio playing with our lighting system and coming up with some unique photos to show off Jake’s muscles (we mean, have you SEEN those guns?), our team headed out to Downtown Prosper to photograph Jake into the sunset. When we got there, our team was setting up our on-location lights so Jake and his dad took a moment to toss a football around to each other.

It’s even better though, when the parents enjoy the photo shoots! Andrea, Jake’s amazing step-mom, was goofing around with Jake’s dad, Jerry, and snapped a few shots of Jerry posing with the football. Our whole team was laughing along with Jake as we watched his parents, and we were able to capture a few smiles along the way.

With the sound of a train engine, the sunset and our time with Jake and his parents ended. We’re excited to have him on our Senior Model Rep team, and we hope you will keep a look out for him in our shoots in the coming months!



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