To kick off our amazing 2018 senior model rep team, we had three of our awesome models (Landri, McKenzie, and Riley) meet us out at Las Colinas to have a photo shoot around the magnificent Mustangs of Las Colinas!

It was a rainy day, but the rain had let off as soon as we pulled up to William’s Square and everyone was in a great mood. We grabbed McKenzie as the other two models were polishing off their looks, when we were approached by a very angry security guard. After being investigated, the security guard told us that we would need to get permission from management. No problem there – we asked for their number and he notified us that management was closed on Saturdays. Saddened but not completely disheartened, we packed up and went across the street to a parking garage to get some rooftop photos.

After a lot of rain and some edgy photos, we were just about to let off a smoke bomb when a SECOND security guard rolled up to us in his golf cart and notified us that we were trespassing.


We apologized, explained that we had no idea that we were even trespassing (no sign and we paid $2 to get in), and then packed up.

Not willing to admit defeat, our team struck out back across town to Frisco Square where we know there are some rooftops that we are 100% allowed to be on. We were able to set off our smoke bomb, and although our models were absolutely freezing, we even got a few photos on the inactive train tracks and with some neat old train cars covered in graffiti!

10/10 would absolutely get kicked out of those locations again, because our photos turned out lovely and we have a great story to go with it!


Which one is your favorite?