Our beloved Mt. Zion Cemetery location was in ruins. Surrounding the once scenic hill were construction trucks, bright yellow tape, and the beginnings of a new neighborhood in North Dallas. This was not going to deter our team from having the Garrett’s family portrait session though!

After a lot of pre-planning – which is necessary when you have five children – the Garretts met us up the drive at Mt. Zion Cemetery. Ignoring the blaring trucks and the chatter of bulldozers, our team rounded up the Garrett clan and dove head first into the session.

Poor Cole, the Garrett’s eldest and their only son, was surrounded by his sisters for the majority of the session. Laughing, his sisters made silly faces at him and blew kisses while he attempted to keep a straight face!

Their parents, Craig and Tina, laughed while they looked on and agreed for a few photos together in the tall grass while the kids checked their phones (it was, after all, a Friday night). After a while, all of the kids joined their parents in the tall grass for a few family photos and it ended with the sisters comparing their riding boots.You’ll probably recognize one of those sisters – that would be Ms. Carly Garrett! She was a part of our senior model rep program this past year, and you can see her personal session on the blog as well as her best friend session with Kyra, her model session with Myrna Phillips, and even her fashion session with fellow models Madi and Morgan!

It’s needless to say that we love the Garretts and we’re excited to see Katy for her senior portraits in about a year!


Which one is your favorite?