Flower crowns, bright smiles, and groovy sunglasses reigned at our Boho shoot with four lovely TRB Top models: Savannah, Brooke, Chelsea, and Jocelynn.

We were setup and ready to go when Chelsea and Brooke popped into our studio to start us off! You may recognize Chelsea from our Summer Florals shoot with Brianna and Rachel, and we were excited to have her back for round two. Our two other fabulous models; Savannah and Jocelyn, trickled in soon after. Savannah and her mom had brought Summer, Savannah’s little sister with them as well as fun metallic temporary tattoos! The models had a blast picking out spots to put their cool tats and after some fun in the studio, we geared up and headed out to Plano.

After picking some flowers, and enjoying a few strawberries on a picnic blanket, our gorgeous models took us on a nature walk through Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. While on our walk, Brooke, a senior at Richardson High School told us that she was excited to be a part of our Boho themed shoot because it was basically her entire closet! Chelsea, also a senior at Richardson High School, laughed and confirmed Brooke’s obsession with the hippie-esque style.

Savannah’s sister and mom joined in on the fun, and when we came upon a creek at Arbor Hills, our models crossed, braving the water and wet shoes. The rest of our crew, however, chose the dry route around the creek, and the moms retreated back to the wonders of air conditioned cars. Fortunately, the water was cool and felt good against the heat of the day and our models enjoyed the refreshing break!

Having spent a few hours climbing through the trees and exploring the fields at Arbor Hills, our team posed with the gorgeous sunset and called it a day. The preserve was not done with us though, because as we took the path back towards the cars, along came a spider! A tarantula to be more specific. Jocelynn, a senior at Heritage High School, is not a fan of spiders – especially big hairy ones – and was ready to put her volleyball training into gear should the tarantula decide to pounce. We snagged a few photos of our fuzzy friend, before we wall sighed in relief and headed on our way home.

Although it was one of the hotter days so far this summer, the photographs turned out beautifully and we could not be more excited about working with our 2016 Senior Model Rep team this year!



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