We got in touch with our natural side for this Model Rep Session with our Senior Model Reps: Reid Parr, Madison DeVor, and McKenna Kinnamon!

Taking advantage of our air conditioning, our models met us at the studio for some R&R with Erica Rodriguez, one of our impeccable hair and makeup artists! After Erica had perfected these gorgeous ladies, they hit the studio with Tyler for a few shots. Let me tell you – our models brought the sass at this model rep group session. They had their poses down to a ‘T’ and were giving the camera all that it could handle! Reid, a senior at Wakeland High School, was in “high fashion” mode sporting a bright red dress, where Madison, a senior at Lone Star High School, brought her inner “cowgirl” to the set with her Justin cowboy boots! Makenna, also senior at Lone Star High School, was almost nautical in her navy blue and white dress, so we just had to add an ocean breeze to her shoot (and by that we mean our trusty leaf blowing wind machine).

We were all reluctant to leave the air conditioning behind - however, once we were on location at the scenic Arbor Hills, there were smiles all around along with a bit of fresh air. We hiked up and down the hills, and found ourselves in a creek bed where our Senior Model Reps had a second to cool off and stick their feet in the refreshing water. The natural landscape was not the only thing that we noticed. As we were doing a few shots of the ladies, a group of young men jogged by, and let’s just say that they were not undetected, causing a few heads to turn!

After a few laughs, we were calling it a wrap on our hike back to the car, when we passed by a meadow. Madison discovered a daffodil and wanted to blow a wish. Though she wouldn’t tell us her wish, we at Tyler R. Brown Photography decided that our wish had come true: a great day with amazing models and perfect weather.

We hope that these ladies enjoy their final year of high school!


Which one is your favorite?