The crowd went silent as Logan took her stance in the middle of the net. She faced her opponent, determined not to let the ball cross over the line that would allow the other team the extra point to win the game. Her hair blew back from her face and she narrowed her eyes, putting her game face on – it was time. She crouched down, and launched herself at the incoming soccer ball.

And then Logan landed on the pillows in our studio.

As a goalie for Fury, a DFW soccer club, Logan’s life revolves around those pesky soccer balls, and we had her bring her gear to the studio for some athletic shots to go along with her senior portrait session with us. Tyler is an avid soccer player and fan, so you can imagine his elation when Logan was willing to dive across our studio over and over again so that we could score some great shots of her in action! It was a pretty great contrast to see Logan’s jerseys with her perfect hair and makeup done by one of our team of hair and makeup artists.

"Tyler R. Brown and his team did awesome!! I was so impressed with my senior pictures, they turned out great, like REALLY, REALLY great! I had a great time capturing a time of celebration in my hometown, I bet no one has planked on an AC unit before… with Tyler R Brown Photography you get to take so many cool pictures with excellent original ideas. So glad I could be a part of the 2015 Senior Model Reps, it was an awesome experience getting to meet new people and take pictures!!" - Logan Miller

Logan is a senior this year at McKinney High School and is one of our illustrious senior model reps! Extremely involved in extracurricular activities and an amazing athlete, Logan’s personality shouldn’t surprise anyone. This charming young lady was making us laugh during her session in Downtown McKinney by making faces and jokes at the camera while telling us that she’s actually interested in attending Texas Tech next fall to study to become a Physical Therapist.

As if being a fiercely talented goalie wasn’t enough, Logan is also a part of her student ministry’s choir, an athletic trainer for McKinney High School, and one of the Diamond Dolls – a spirit organization for baseball fans to support their high school’s baseball team. They’re called ‘Diamond Dolls’ in reference to the baseball ‘diamond’ shape that the bases make when connected (duh).

Our shoot continued on through the streets of downtown, when we heard an excited shriek – Logan’s mother, Stacey, had spotted an old fashioned turquoise truck. Apparently, having a truck that was that style and color was a dream of both Logan’s and Stacey’s, so, obviously we had to get a few sneaky shots with it!

We had a fantastic time photographing Logan for her North Dallas (McKinney area) senior portrait session and we can’t wait to see what this fun and crazy girl does next!

Want to see more from Logan? Read her Seniority page!



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