If you’ve never seen a man in Chubbies, Sperrys, and a polo hat head-banging to a metal rock band in Deep Ellum, then you haven’t lived. Or, at least, you haven’t laughed as hard in amazement as we have. When we first met Tristan, his mom Heather, and his uncle Dan, we were behind the slightly sketchy 7 Eleven down on Elm St. in Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum is an amazing place to have your North Texas senior pictures done because of all of the cool textures and neat atmosphere. But be warned – there are a few crazy characters that hang around the many music venues and restaurants down there so you’re more than likely going to have one or two fun and a little strange conversations. Especially if you’re like us and take lights with you wherever you go!

We started off down one of the side streets and while we were getting Tristan warmed up for the shoot, he looked over and noted that there was a ‘frat guy’ moshing (a dance phenomenon that’s more like fighting than dancing as a personal opinion) on the patio of one of the music venues. Being 5pm, we were all a little taken aback at the fact that there was a heavy metal concert already underway, but we chuckled and moved on.

After a while we headed back around to Tristan’s car for an outfit change when we noticed that the same guy was in the same spot and still dancing like there was no tomorrow. No judgement from us – but we all laughed at his vigor and said that it was great that he still had so much energy. The team headed back out in a different direction towards some neat stones that had gorgeous graffiti on them, and Tristan made us all gape when he nonchalantly climbed onto one of them. These stones aren’t you’re ordinary garden stones – they’re over ten feet tall and were completely sheer. Nonetheless, Tristan simply jumped up, grabbed the top of the stone and pulled himself up. We know who we are going to get on our side if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse!

Running to the car to grab the sunset, metal man was still head-banging away in his patio corner and at this point we were flat out amazed, but we didn’t have time to dawdle as we needed to run to a cool spot our team had found. From this spot, you could see the whole skyline of Dallas and we posted Tristan up in front of it. We had the best adventure with Tristan for his senior photo shoot and we couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds in store. Whether he heads off to Kansas or Houston, we know he’s going to do great things!


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