It seemed unreal. Who could have thought that it would actually happen? People who died, were supposed to stay dead. Right? Luckily for us senior model rep, Brooke Harden, jokingly brought a shovel along with her for her senior portrait session after the morning news warned that there was an outbreak of a virus that causes insanity. We noticed a few things were off as we caravanned to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. For one, the traffic was suspiciously light on the tollway. Since our studio is located in Frisco, Texas, Brooke met us at the studio after she got out of class at Heritage High School. She mentioned that her friend, Anjana Menon, was going to just meet us on site at Arbor Hills because she was working at the nearby hospital as part of a work-study for school. Brooke said that her best friend was going to be one of the best doctors around one day and our team couldn’t wait to meet her!


So after some hair and makeup, we headed out to the nature preserve. But as soon as we arrived, the popular park was deserted. This was also an oddity as our team usually has to dodge runners, bikers, and curious onlookers when we bring our equipment into the (almost) wilderness. And we couldn’t blame the weather – it was a perfect fall day in Texas: slightly breezy and in the mid-80’s. Not letting the weirdness stop us, we unloaded the cars and set off down the trails – although we might have encouraged Brooke to bring her shovel along. Little did we know that Anajana had already arrived, and had been looking for our team along the winding path, unaware of the danger that lay ahead.

Meanwhile, Sarah, a younger sister of another senior model rep, Samantha Bradley, had been working after school as a mentor for younger children. One of the kids that she was working with, suddenly went out of control and bit Sarah, causing her to take the rest of the afternoon off. Sarah had decided to walk it off at the nearby nature preserve when she started to feel….funny. When she spotted Anajana, something came over Sarah. She needed…BRAINS!

Anjana had also heard the news stories from earlier in the day and had grabbed her tennis racket from the back of her car before heading off to look for the team. She didn’t really play tennis, but she felt like it was sufficient for her to protect herself from anyone who might be infected by the virus. Unfortunately, once Sarah had sprung at her from behind a rock, poor Anjana didn’t have a chance.


After feasting on Anjana’s flesh, Sarah heard noises from up the path, and her hunger told her to find what was making the noise, and to consume it. You can probably guess that the noises were our team, enjoying the day and grabbing awesome photos of Brooke in the afternoon sunlight.

Focusing solely on Brooke, our team didn’t even see the danger until it was upon them. Brooke bravely spun around and swung her shovel with all of her might, nailing zombie Sarah right in the kisser! It would seem that the urban legends were right, if you hit a zombie in the head, it would go down – for good this time.


Stunned, our team watched as Brooke poked at Sarah’s zombie corpse with the shovel to make sure she wasn’t getting back up. Since she was now covered in blood, our team suggested that we go to the stream to regroup and wash off some of the zombie blood just in the case it was contagious. We carefully made our way down the path and to the bubbling creek that ran through the nature preserve, watching for anymore of the undead. At this point, we had all completely forgotten that Anjana was going to meet up with us. Terror had gripped our minds and while we were trying to make a plan, one of our team members found a chainsaw, abandoned near the stream. Brooke grabbed it and knelt by the water to wash her hands off. As we theorized about what could have happened to Sarah and why she had turned into a zombie, we heard shuffling from behind us. The theme song of Jaws roaring in our ears, we all slowly turned around to see… Anjana?!


Having been left to die on the rocks, the virus had taken over Anjana, turning her into an undead creature craving the brains of the living. She had followed our team to the creek and was now about to feast on her best friend! With her fast reflexes, Brooke leaped into action and grabbed the chainsaw. It just took one fatal swipe, Brooke felled Anjana, and left our team astounded.

We all know the stories, once a zombie apocalypse starts, there’s no stopping it. Deciding to look our new world bravely in the face, our team had Brooke pose with her first zombie kills to document the world’s first zombie hunter. As the sun set, our team banded together and headed off to find shelter and to make a war plan. There are zombies out there now, and we are going to be the survivors.

Which one is your favorite?