It was a nice, quiet afternoon. The sun was streaming through the trees, the creek was bubbling happily, and Tyler was getting ready to photograph Meghan, who was precariously perched on a rock.

Then, the dog attacked.

Ok, maybe it was more like a puppy. And it wasn’t really even an attack, but it did cause Meghan to fall into a fit of giggles and to try and avoid being splashed too badly by the black Labrador puppy that was bounding through the creek at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve while his equally soaked owner ran after him. This cheerleader was not even phased as she went straight back to smiling at the camera, toes dug into the slimy creek bed.

Born in El Paso, Texas, Meghan Alvarez is a senior this year at Heritage High School in Frisco, Texas. Being a cheerleader is tough, but we can say that we have never met a more outgoing and enthusiastic person in our lives! Meghan exudes the core personality traits of a cheerleader: fun, sweet, and most of all, peppy!

The whole staff at Tyler R Brown is AMAZING!!! 5 stars from my family and I! I will never go to anyone else for pictures!!!!

As we hiked through the woods of Arbor Hills’ Nature Preserve, Meghan was telling us about her plans to attend university next fall to study medicine and become a Pediatric Nurse. Of course, as she was telling us this, no one was paying attention and when we looked up to see where Meghan had gone, we found her trying to climb a tree – in her wedges!

Arbor Hills is a gorgeous spot for Dallas senior portraits, but we also found the bad side of nature: the tarantulas. We ran into one furry little monster on the Tower Trail, one of the many routes runners and bikers can take through the preserve’s landscape, and he was not pleased to be confronted by a much larger species.

We were extremely lucky that day to have such an amazing sky that when it was time to head back to the studio, we were sad – and also pretty worn out from our hike. After such a long day, pizza was ordered and we ended our session in the studio, after stuffing our faces of course, with some casual shots of Meghan in her favorite Tech t-shirt.

Tyler R. Brown Photography had an amazing time photographing this funny and sweet young woman and we are proud to have her on our Senior Model Rep Team.

To see more photos of this gorgeous senior, read her Seniority page!



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