We first met Maddie while photographing the Heritage Coyotes football team during one of their games. Maddie is a cheerleader for Heritage and a good friend of our 2013 senior model rep, Skyler Rountree! We were excited to photograph this gorgeous senior and we had so much fun during her session.

We met up with Maddie and her mom, Jennifer, in Downtown McKinney to start off her Seniority Session. This is one of our favorite locations to visit for a wide variety of background and textures. We started right away with portraits at Dr. Glen Mitchell Memorial Park before making our way through the beautiful streets and alleys of Downtown McKinney. Maddie was a hoot and a wonderful model! She was so willing to jump up on walls, climb up stairs, and move around giant frogs (see her video).

Tyler R. Brown Photography rocks! Not only are the pictures so stunning, the whole experience was a blast. It created one more awesome memory for us to share before my daughter graduates. Tyler, Stacia, and Heather were great at researching and then showing who my daughter truly is. They captured her personality perfectly and she shined in every shot. They make it look easy! The only drawback I can see is that you’ll want every single picture they take, because they are all THAT GOOD. Without reservation, I highly recommend Tyler R. Brown Photography for the most incredible senior pictures.

- Jennifer Whitten

Next, we headed to a little spot of ours on the side of a two lane road. It was getting dark quickly but we were determined to get some awesome shots of Maddie with her favorite Jeep. So, as the sun was setting, we had Maddie jump up on her car and boy did she rock! The pictures came out fantastic and we had an interesting time shooting in the dark. At one point Jennifer dropped Maddie’s car key and we were all walking around with our iPhone lights trying to find it! We ended up giving Jennifer and Maddie a ride home to get their spare key and called it a night. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that we found the key while photographing another senior at the same spot.

Thanks for being so much fun and reminding us why we love to photograph high school seniors Maddie! We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors and adventures.

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Makenna Kinnamon

Makenna leans over her knees while sitting on a white block in the studio.

"Taking my senior pictures with Tyler R. Brown has been one of the most fun and awesome experiences. I absolutely loved the pictures that he took, he is definitely one of the best photographers I have ever met. The staff is so friendly, and immediately welcomes you in. I would highly recommend Tyler R. Brown Photography!!!!!" - Makenna Kinnamon

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Logan Miller

Logan strikes not one, but three poses in front of a textured wall in Downtown McKinney.

"Tyler R. Brown and his team did awesome!! I was so impressed with my senior pictures, they turned out great, like REALLY, REALLY great! I had a great time capturing a time of celebration in my hometown, I bet no one has planked on an AC unit before… with Tyler R Brown Photography you get to take so many cool pictures with excellent original ideas. So glad I could be a part of the 2015 Senior Model Reps, it was an awesome experience getting to meet new people and take pictures!!" - Logan Miller

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