Bryn is quite the character and a lot of fun to photograph.  Both her studio session and her outdoor session at Adriatica Village turned out great, but I think we had the most fun out by the pool.  Bryn really wanted a few photographs in the water, so we gave it a go.  It was a lot of fun trying to keep her from floating up, thankfully I have some SCUBA gear and just a few pounds on the weight belt seemed to do the trick! She sank to the bottom and we shot away.  They turned out to be some eerie shots, with a few looking really quite cool, but her favorites we took right before we went in the water.  

She's a very photogenic girl, with a lot of attitude and she has some great facial expressions to match.  We love that!

Special thanks to Skyler for referring Bryn to us for her senior portraits!


Which one is your favorite?