Senior Holly would rather be on the other side of the camera, which she reminded me of several times during her high school senior portraits. We had good time goofing off, and I know both her and mom (Jan) got a good laugh when I pulled over the entire set I had put up for her session and it all came crashing down on my head! Here's a tip, don't pull stuff onto your head when you don't have an assistant! Good thing Holly wasn't on the other side of the the camera for all of that. I would hate to have seen the look on my face when that happened... embarrassing moment!

So happy to have found Tyler R. Brown Photography! They did an AMAZING job on my daughter's senior pictures. Holly doesn't really like to have her picture taken and is a little uncomfortable being the center of attention, but Tyler put her at ease right away and we actually had a great time during her session! I was just hoping for a few good shots, but when it came time to preview their work...we were literally overwhelmed with great choices. There were so many that we really loved! Thankfully, Stacia was there to guide us in our selections...making sure we had a nice variety of poses and giving advice on which poses worked best in the different sizes. I would have been lost without her. Our prints are beautiful...we could not have been happier! Go see Tyler and won't be disappointed.

-Jan Arbuckle

All of that aside, Holly was a lot of fun, and I really loved the colors in her dress, which we took quite a few pictures of her in, and Jan is a riot. I don't think Holly was too amused when I changed the music to some stuff that Jan and I like. Yes! 80s baby! :)

Flower Pop!

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Hannah Mabile

Hannah looks so cute sitting on the train tracks in Frisco Square.

"Big thanks to Tyler Brown and his team! My experience working with them has been awesome! I've never really been a photogenic type of person but with Tyler and Heather I was able to loosen up and have a blast! They were very easy to work with and when I had ideas they were able to work with them and make them 10 times better! I never expected to have as many compliments on all my senior pictures as I have gotten! My pictures came out great and the products are amazing! So basically with out a doubt in my mind I would recommend Tyler R. Brown Photography 100%!" - Hannah Mabile

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Zak Masterman

Senior Zak loves his senior portraits

"I was never big on picture taking but Tyler made it interesting! I definitely love his ideas, and how he can work with anyone. And the ending pictures are crystal clear!! I would definitely recommend Tyler to anyone who needs a photographer." - Zak

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