It's just a fact of life that it gets hot in Dallas, Texas – and to be honest, we’re surprised that we haven’t been categorized as a desert yet. Our team braved the ungodly heat to capture a fun and crazy session with 2016 TRB Top Models Jake, Katherine, Maddie, and Brooke!

We were a little nervous when Brooke, a senior at Heritage High School, limped into our studio that afternoon. Apparently, a few days earlier Brooke had unfortunately torn her ACL. But like a true champ, our brave Senior Model Rep donned a pair of gorgeous Christian Louboutins – which Macy drooled over - and made our team feel like a bunch of pansies (as we for the most part are not pain tolerant) because she looked absolutely flawless.

More bad luck hit our team before they had all arrived at our studio: Maddie’s car had been broken into and it seemed that the automobile world had it out for her and her mother as their car wouldn’t start! Lucky for us, Maddie was determined and made it to the shoot with time to spare.

In our nice and cool studio, our models had a blast getting to know one another and by the time we were ready to head to Downtown McKinney there was a natural charisma moving through the whole group!

Our theme for this session was Urban Denim – and these models owned it. Katherine, a senior at Liberty High School, looked stunning and pushed through the pain her heels were causing her (beauty IS pain ladies).

And of course, we can’t forget our man of the day: Jake! A senior at Lone Star High School and a football player, Jake brought the perfect touch of dudeliness to our shoot. We have also photographed Jake’s older brother, Jack, when he was a senior and we were excited to be working with fabulous Ray family again. He told our team on the way to our location that he was pumped for football season as well as the prospects that the sport is bringing his way and he can’t wait to start visiting colleges! We might just have to take a team field trip to a game this year.

By the end of the shoot our team was exhausted, but it was a success. We had conquered the sun, and a group of loud women on their way to a bachelorette party, and had come out of the heat happy with the results. We can’t wait to work with this group of models again in the year to come!


These Model Reps are too cool for this heat!

Which one is your favorite?