Most people know how little sleep most people get when they have a new baby, and now we know why! Getting a newborn to fall asleep can be very difficult, and this was something we discovered when we had sweet L.J. in our studio for his newborn portraits.

L.J.’s mom was another friend of the team, so when we learned that she only had hospital photos of little L.J. there was no hesitation to have them into the studio for a short session. However; L.J. had other plans for us. We had been told that by getting a newborn ‘milk drunk’ or over feeding the little tikes, they will go into a Thanksgiving worthy food coma. But even after quite a bit of food, L.J. was wide awake!

We tried everything from feeding him to bursting, to singing lullabies, to swaddling him. In the end, it was persistence and patience that won the day, and the little fella fell into a sweet deep sleep and let us take all of the photos of him that we wanted!



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