Her hair was on fire! Ok, not really, but Elite Model Rep, Madi does have some flawless red hair that lights up like a flame in the afternoon sunlight. It’s Shakespeare worthy, and that’s an understatement. Why are we talking about her glorious hair? Because she and two of our Top Model Reps joined us for another group session, and this one was themed Hipster.

Now, for the people who have lives and don’t keep up with the younger generations’ jargon, a Hipster is defined as someone who is young, trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way. In other words, a Hipster may see the greatness in using a typewriter instead of a mac book to write their latest journal entry or enjoy donning some thick framed glasses, or even a vintage hat that they’re personally bringing back into style.

Our models; Carly, Madi, and Morgan, absolutely nailed it. These girls know their stuff, and although Carly and Morgan had a little practice from our Rock n’ Roll shoot with Myrna Phillips, Madi caught on quickly and the photos were stellar. Carly and Morgan met at their first group session with Myrna. Both girls happen to be on their school’s drill teams and are now good friends! Madi knows Morgan from school and told our team that they had actually been going to the same school since the 1st grade – small world isn’t it?

We headed out to the Denton Square, a place that is known for its…forwardness, especially when it comes to fashion. The old brick buildings and the relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for some fun and unique senior portraits. A couple of bands were playing in the grass in front of the court house as well as at LSA Burger so we had some great background music to set the mood for our shoot.

It was a touch hot out that day, but luckily our models are glisteners and not sweaters! All three of our models looked stunning and truly embodied the Hipster attitude. When the sun set, we wrapped up our session and reclaimed the air conditioning in our cars, satisfied with the perfect shoot.



Which one is your favorite?