Worried about what to dress your bundle of joy in for their debut as a TRB Baby? No worries, below you will find tips, tricks, and plenty of inspiration given to you by our past clients! These TRB Babies really know how to look good in front of the camera while staying comfortable in their own skin.

Birthday Suit

Nothing is better than a birthday suit! You’ll hear our team giggling over precious photos of our TRB Babies running around the studio or dozing while in the nude. Worried about your child relieving themselves? Not a problem, our team has been peed on, pooped on, and tooted on – we’re not worried about it, and our props are all washed after every session. Photographing newborns in the nude is especially adorable, as you will have documentation of how precious and small they were at that age – clothes can definitely be distracting for those types of images. However; if you’re uncomfortable with your baby being photographed naked, we also supply gorgeous wraps that are all baby-safe and we have great suggestions for outfits as well


Grandma’s Favorite Dress/Hat/Blanket

Especially if this is your first child, you know that sweet angel is going to get spoiled by your friends, parents, and generally anyone who knows you had a baby. And that normally comes in the form of a new outfit, or a traditional blanket that was passed down from your grandparents to your parents and now, to your child. Absolutely bring those things – even if they’re not your favorite accessory, we can work it into a few shots with your sweet baby and make those friends/parents/coworkers just delighted to see your baby in their outfit.

I Have a Favorite Holiday!

Great! We LOVE themed photos, and especially if your little one is born around Christmas/New Years/Valentine's Day (etc.). Whether you just love Christmas colors, or if you have a specific photo in mind, then we can definitely work with you to create your vision. However, if you just wanted a Easter inspired photo, just let us know because we have the props to make it happen

Plain and Simple

If you just want to put your child in a casual onesie, or just jeans, we are totally down for that. Maybe your baby hates being changed, or just loves a certain onesie. Whatever is going to make them happy, will make us happy and get those awesome smiles that we love so much. We completely trust your judgement – after all this is your child, and we’re just here to capture the moment!

All of the Shiny Things

You have so many headbands, bow ties, socks, and tutus that you don’t know what to do with them all. Bring them with your to your child’s session! We can’t express how adorable your child will look in a tutu or in dad’s tie, and they normally love it because it is something new to play with. Color doesn’t matter – with all of our backdrops and props, we will find something that matches and looks more than precious!

For more tips to help your little one have a fun and relaxing session, take a look at our Extra Tips page!



Alex McKay

Alex leans against a wall in her high stepper uniform.

"I absolutely LOVED every single photo Tyler took for me! Every time I went in to take pictures, I had such a great time. Tyler and his staff are so much fun, and it was a blast taking photos with him, from the moment I walked in to the time I left. He is, by far, the best Senior Photographer I know!" - Alex McKay

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Megan Smith

Senior Megan rocks on her guitar

"Tyler and Stacia were awesome and even if I was awkward at first, they helped me get out of my bubble. The pictures were amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. They were really easy going, too. Thank you guys :]" - Megan Smith

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