We decided to visit the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina, Texas for our first annual pumpkin patch themed session. This farm had everything you could want from a traditional visit: farm animals, hayrides, a maze, and of course an assortment of pumpkins!

Haley Rodriguez and Brooke Sauls are two of our models from our Model Rep Program this year! Haley, a senior at Heritage High School, was featured in our very first Senior Model Rep Session this year with model and friend, Shannon Dyer. We admire Haley’s softball skills, so we made sure to stop by a softball field on our way out to the pumpkin patch!

Do you know how pumpkin carving got started? Well, apparently it started in Ireland! The families there would hollow out turnips and place candles inside of them in order to ward off Stingy Jack, a mean old ghost that would wander the islands in search of people to trick. The Irish families who immigrated to America brought the tradition with them – replacing turnips with the ever plentiful pumpkins as they were easier to carve. It wasn’t for a few decades that people began to carve the fun and scary faces that are more prevalent in our society today.

Out into the country we went, and after a gorgeous ride passing vast fields and grassy hills, we found ourselves on a very busy, but quaint farm! We couldn’t get over how perfect the pumpkin patch was and we got to photographing almost immediately.

You might also recognize Brooke Sauls from her Model Rep Session at Luscombe Farms, or even her amazing Senior Portrait session! Brooke is a ballerina and went on pointe for the camera both in the studio and on the dirt – which, if you have ever tried to go on pointe, can be VERY difficult!

Tradition is important, but we can’t help but love the modern twists that come with time. We lost ourselves in the maze for a while, Haley and Brooke got up close and personal with the goats and cows. Cow spit flying in the wind included!

The shoot ended with our models (and our team) picking out their very own pumpkins to take home with them – there won’t be any evil spirits getting into these houses!


Which one is your favorite?